Whether it is called Bigfoot, wild man, mystery hominid, or by a name as corny and colloquial as swamp devil or booger—there is substantial evidence that an unknown big, hairy, stinky, loud, and perhaps wildly dangerous something inhabits the deep woods of large parts of the southern United States. 
Tom Burnette and Rob Riggs conducted a combined forty-plus years of independent field research, during which they were totally unknown to one another, only to eventually learn their findings firmly corroborate one another down to highly specific details unrecorded elsewhere.

These include their respective discoveries of bizarre energy and light-form manifestations—documented with photographs by both of them— which are apparently concurrent with Bigfoot sightings.




The purpose of this website is fourfold:

1. To present photos of both unknown creatures and mysterious light-forms which illustrate Tom’s and Rob’s research findings and provide updates of their research.
2.  To promote their new co-authored book, Bigfoot: Exploring the Myth & Discovering the Truth, which details the amazing evidence for an unknown primate Tom and Rob have collected and tells the story of how they came to collaborate in their investigations.
3. To allow viewers to post information and/or photos of their own experiences.
4. To provide contact information and details of how viewers can obtain all of Rob’s and Tom’s books or get actively involved in their on-going investigations.
Book Cover, Big Foot Books from Sour Lake, Texas

Bigfoot: Exploring the Myth & Discovering the Truth

Over the past twenty years, two men from different parts of the United States have followed and developed a friendly connection with the mysterious ape-like creature known as Bigfoot. Now, with forty-plus years of combined field study, these experienced investigators present a detailed collection of personal stories, ethnographic research, and theories surrounding the Bigfoot legend.

Join authors Rob Riggs and Tom Burnette, whose many years of commitment to the search and dedicated study reveal their true encounters with the elusive, wild being. Explore the history, habitats, and more in this collection of substantial evidence of Bigfoot's existence and thought-provoking discussions for continued research. From the possibility of having psychic powers to why it's so hard to find, Bigfoot goes beyond the myth to the reality of this amazing ape-man.
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• ISBN-13: 9780738736310

• Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. • Publication date: 3/8/2014 • Pages: 288


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